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Yellow Brook Rabbitry


Yellow Brook Rabbitry is devoted to raising high quality Holland Lops (sold out of English Spots recently). We breed for health, type, personality, bloodlines, and the improvement of some of the more uncommon colours in the breed. Located in Ontario, Canada we have sold around the world including Canada, United States, Asia, and Europe. Our project is to combine both the highest quality possible according to the ARBA standard of perfection, with some of the beautiful yet undeveloped colours and to produce nationally competitive rabbits that can compete with the more common varieties.  Most of the rabbit shows and conventions that we attend are in ON, NY, PA, OH, MI, and MA but may travel farther depending on the show. Our main colour projects are Chinchilla, Frosty, Cream, and Blue. We will also be offering web and logo design in the near future. 




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  • Rabbit Breeds Raised: Holland Lops
  • Raising Rabbits Since: 2013
  • Location: Ontario Canada
  • Price Range: 50-600usd
  • Popular Showing Locations: NY, OH, MY, PA, MA