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FAQ Category: Setting Up Your Profile

Aug 24
How do I leave a review?

Hover over the member’s cover photo, when you do so an add review button will appear.

Aug 24
Where are my messages?

You can view members on your members chat sidebar, if you click on them you can…

Aug 21
What is the difference between Profile Settings and About Me settings?

Your About Me Settings are for creating your Our Barn page, as well as filling out the…

Aug 21
How do I fill out the About section on my timeline?

On your profile go to About Me Settings > About, and fill out the sections provided.

Aug 21
How do I edit my Our Barn page?

Go to your About Me Settings on your profile, this dropdown will be in your sidebar.…

Aug 20
How do I upload a profile and cover photo?

Go to edit profile > about me settings, this is where you edit all your profile…

Aug 20
Why are there 2 profile tabs?

The tab in the main menu is for your classifieds settings as well as a link to your…

Aug 20
How do I get to my profile?

In the main menu you will see your name with your profile picture beside it, go to…