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Posing a Jr Velveteen Lop

If you have any questions feel free to message me


Sam and Jim Truckly

Truckly's Hiphop Rabbitry

We specialize in Velveteen Lops and Holland Lops. We are located in Orwell Ohio. Working to bring the breed standard to the highest quality we can and loving every minute of it. Love these breeds and the Velveteen is one of my absolute favorites. Please, no drama will be tolerated on our page. We do sell pet, brood and show quality rabbits. We cannot guarantee how a rabbit will perform on the show table. We are a no cull rabbitry unless they are suffering due to illness or injury. No one has permission to use our photos and they belong to Truckly’s Hiphop Rabbitry unless you are given permission to use them. BY PURCHASING A RABBIT FROM US YOU AGREE TO CARE FOR SAID RABBIT. IF FOR ANY REASON YOU ARE UNABLE TO KEEP THE RABBIT YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT US AND GIVE US DIBS ON GETTING THE RABBIT BACK IF WE HAVE SPACE AVAILABLE. ALSO ALLOW US TO POSSIBLY HELP PLACE THE RABBIT INTO ANOTHER HOME IF WE CAN HELP, WE WILL. Payment for the hollands is and a Velveteen Lop is Happy Hopping


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