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Setting Up Your Profile

Go to your About Me Settings on your profile, this dropdown will be in your sidebar. Everything below the About section are sections that will show up on your Our Barn page once filled out here.

On your profile go to About Me Settings > About, and fill out the sections provided.

In the main menu you will see your name with your profile picture beside it, go to “My Profile” under this tab.

Hover over the member’s cover photo, when you do so an add review button will appear.

Go to edit profile > about me settings, this is where you edit all your profile information. In your settings there are 2 icons to upload your profile and cover photo.

Your About Me Settings are for creating your Our Barn page, as well as filling out the About Me section which will be in the sidebar on your profile. If you fill out your name in the About Me Settings > About > Full Name, this will show up as your name around the site and in your About Me Section. If you would rather not fill out your About Me settings, you can instead only put your name in the Profile Settings > Profile Name which will show up as your name around the site.

You can view members on your members chat sidebar, if you click on them you can message that person. You can also message members from their profile. Messages will show up in their own tabs at the bottom of your screen.

The tab in the main menu is for your classifieds settings as well as a link to your profile. The tab on your profile menu is for your profile settings.


Below is a list on how you earn points around the site.

Profile Verification: 300

Buying Directory: 260

Membership: 150

Buying Featured Ad: 199

Anniversary: 100

Buying Top Ad: 99

Sharing Directory on Out Barn: 90

Filling Out About Me: 50

Filling Out Breed Projects: 35+

Filling Out Our Herd: 25

Leaving Review: 10

Filling Out Video: 7

Creating Slidingshow: 5

Joining Group: 5

Creating Link: 3

Following a Member: 3

New Follower: 3

Creating Bookmark: 2

Adding Friend: 2

Adding Coverphoto: 2

Adding Profile Photo: 2

Daily Visits: 1

Each Directory View (owner): 1

Login: 1

Making Post: 1

Admins at Rabbit Network will verify accounts of members who appear reputable/legit in their hobby or business. It is suggested that you have as much information on your Our Barn page and Timeline as possible to help admins distinguish reputable members vs possible spammers etc. You will get a symbol on your profile saying that you are verified as well as receiving 300 points. Please be patient, as going through every member of the site is a time consuming task! You can also contact us and request that we review your account for verification.

Badges display who our admins and group moderators are. As well as if a user is in a directory. All members are also given a badge when you join. We will continue to add more badges in the future for different activities on the website.

Mentions are the same thing as tags on facebook. In order to mention a member you must write @username. Remember to use their username and not their real name! Only friends can see mentions, so before mentioning someone you should also friend them.

Points have a variety of benefits around the website. The top 10 points earners will be featured on the Newsfeed 24/7. You can also use your points to purchase a spot in the directory instead of paying real money, as well as buying featured ads or promoting your free ads. We plan to continue adding different features and benefits with our points system. Points are earned through activity on the website. For example making a post or recommending to a friend. People who help out around the site for example group moderators, will also be given points for helping out.

About Rabbit Network

All information you post here is private to you only. We do not track anyone’s information nor to we have access to your private messages etc. We encourage that users don’t publicly post any vulnerable information such as your address. Users information is guaranteed never to be sold to 3rd parties.

Rabbit Network has a 30 day free trial when you first join. The yearly membership fee is $25. Which includes unlimited free ads and all the social media benefits.

For information about rabbit network view the About page. In the main menu navigate More > About Us.

Using The Classifieds Section

To share an ad go to your desired ad, and click the share button. Choose where you would like to share it outside of the site. Your ad will show up with a beautiful preview!

To view ads you can go to our classifieds section in the menu, or access from the home page. Browse through our many categories and view listings. To post an ad, go to the link in the main menu.

When posting ads you must first choose the category you want your ad to be in.

After choosing your category, choose a package. After this you will be directed to where you fill out information for you ad.

Showroom Rabbits is the category used in this example. “About My Rabbitry” and “Rabbitry Gallery” is information about your rabbitry not the actual rabbit you are posting for sale. Information on the rabbit your posting is below this. This will be a separate tab in your ad. This area changes depending on which category you choose.

Choose options that match your rabbit (more then shown in screenshot).

Upload photos.

Submit contact info (other then instant messaging, it is suggested that you at least put your email so people who are not members can contact you).

Choose your location and submit!

Using Social Network

Uploading photos in your comments is a feature that we will be adding to Rabbit Network soon. Due to this being time consuming and difficult to implement, we decided to launch the site first and will continue to work on this while it is running. You can still attach links in comments to your Our Barn page, galleries, or posts that contain photos while waiting for this new feature. If you want to post a link to a specific post you have made that contains photos, click on the link that shows how long ago you made the post. This will take you to a page that shows this post only, here you can copy the url for that post.

Rabbit Network has many social networking features. On the main menu you can go to your newsfeed, join groups, and search members. You can also add friends, instant message, bookmark favorites, post on your timeline, review other members, instantly view all the ads a member has posted, and much more. We encourage you to explore around the site and see all it has to offer. Remember, you are also rewarded with points for being active which you can use in the store!

Something Missing? We will add it for you.

If a breed or color of rabbit/cavy isn’t on the site yet, simply fill out the form shown below and we will add it for you! In the main menu go to More > Support, and you will find this form in the support page.

In the main menu go to More > Support, here you will find this form. If you have a useful search field or tag in mind that you would like to see added, simply fill out this form and we can add it to the website.

Bug Help

In the main menu go to More > Support. On the support page there are multiple forms to fill out for different subjects. Fill out the Bug Report form so we can look at and fix the problem.

Reporting Malicious Behavior

We want to keep Rabbit Network a safe and drama free place for everyone to enjoy. We take reports seriously and users can be banned from the site for continued malicious or threatening behavior. If you see something that concerns you, please make a report to be sure that we see it and can act accordingly. In the main menu go to More > Support, and you will find this form on that page.

Using Directory

To view the directories choose the desired directory on the main menu. In the dropdown there is Breeders, Transporters, and Vendors. To purchase a directory spot, scroll down to the bottom of the page (of the directory you want to be in) and click on the purchase link. Or you can go to the purchas page in the main menu in the directory dropdown.