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Vendors Directory Base Page

This is the base Vendors Directory page. When you purchase your directory spot in the store, you will be directed to a form to fill out. In the form you will submit your photos and information which will be put into a page like this. Staff on the website will create your page with the information you have provided which will be added to the directory when finished. You may also attach a preview of your directory page in your “Our Barn” page through the about me settings on your profile. 

This section is for information about your business. You may include as much information as you would like. Below are other information fields you can fill out (some required others optional). As as well as a gallery showing pictures of your products and other features. Please note to put all the information you want when you purchase the 1 yr directory spot. As any additional edits within that year will be an additional $10 due to the considerable time it takes staff to create and upkeep these pages. 

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